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Episode 4 - Get Over Yourself and Start Being You!

Apr 25, 2022
MB Consulting
Episode 4 - Get Over Yourself and Start Being You!

Have you ever doubted yourself?

Doubt- a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction. According to Google, it means “not confident.”

In life, it’s only natural to feel down and insecure. We compare ourselves to others, and we say we’re not good enough. We are conscious about letting our true colors or capabilities out because of what others might think.

You know what? Get over yourself and start being you!

In this episode, we talk about:

· What to do when someone comments negative things about you?
· Excuses, who? We don’t know her!
· Shameful comparisons
· Ignoring the “buts” and “what ifs”
· Taking your affirmations to the next level.

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