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Episode 13-Eliminate Debt, Grow Money and Take Charge Of Your Finances - With Samantha Santaniello

Apr 25, 2022
MB Consulting
Episode 13-Eliminate Debt, Grow Money and Take Charge Of Your Finances - With Samantha Santaniello

Everyone wants to have financial freedom. To invest money, eliminate debts, and have a never-ending cycle of financial success. What about you? Do you want to invest, do you want to control your money and live life on your terms? If yes, then this episode is for you!

Samantha Santanello is a certified public accountant, the Co-Founder of R.S.K. Tax & Consulting, LLC, as well as the creator of Financial Freedom Automator.

As a financial coach who works with female entrepreneurs and professionals to help them pay off debt and invest by using the simple but effective money management system she invented. Samantha focuses on motivating women to pursue their passions by instilling confidence and through never-ending support.

According to Samantha, “ I believe that taking charge of your money early in life can help you make better financial decisions for yourself and your future. I'm obsessed with helping women take control of their money and ensure their financial freedom. You'll have more choices and a greater understanding of how money works, as well as the ability to automate it.”

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