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Episode 10 - Getting Out of Your Shell

Apr 25, 2022
MB Consulting
Episode 10 - Getting Out of Your Shell


Get Out Of Your Shell

Have you ever felt like you wanted to climb into your shell and just hide? Yesterday I went shopping and bought a Turtle... My friend name him, Tony. Each time I look at Tony, I will remind myself I can't hide in my shell.

Earth, a beautiful place to discover and experience a fulfilling life. Lovely faces, beautiful homes, beautiful everything... Well, that’s what we all want to think of anyway. We also know that is far from reality for many people. You want so much to do something for you and that’s possible, but how do you that? You get out of your shell, and quit hiding

We hope the storm will pass away while we are hiding. However, hiding in our bodies/shell does not mean we get stronger. It just means that we are hoping to face our problems another day. In this episode, we talk about getting out of your shells and facing life.

In this episode, we talk about:


Having mixed feelings with reality: Good or bad?

There are obstacles. Why allow yourself to get beaten down?

Mechelle’s personal story: I decided to get out of my shell

How you can get out of your shell and advance your life.

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