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About MB Consulting & Mechelle


MB Consulting is a corporate practice that works with high performing women CEOs, Top Healthcare Professionals, Directors of Security, Chiefs of Police, Industry Leaders and Business Owners to define their vision and version of success.

Mechelle has created her signature framework, The GREAT Method, to help high performing women achievers find more clarity, career purpose, career planning, focus, and productivity personally and professionally.

As a retired Police Sergeant with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Mechelle knows first hand what it takes to recreate your life, laser focus your vision, and define your legacy.

While working full-time she became a Licensed Esthetician, Registered Nurse, Small Business Owner, Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Consultant, and Host of the Mindset Great Podcast.

She is an exceptional storyteller, speaker, and consultant whose magnetic energy makes her the go to expert.

Married to her amazing husband, Jeff. She enjoys traveling, outdoor activities, and spending time with family and friends. As a blended family they share 4 children (3 bonus in laws) and 2 grand babies!



It is no secret that I am an achiever! There are many reasons behind why I am doing what I am doing, but I want to let you in on a a little secret as to what really motivates my why.

The first is setting an example for my amazing daughter. Granted, she is an adult now, but it is still engrained in me to continue to show up for her. I instilled in her at a very young age to follow her heart and follow her passion. I am doing just that.

Second, I am at my happiest when I help women explore their leadership opportunities, lean into their authentic self, create and maintain great team dynamics, get unstuck with a goal to define their current career, next career, retirement and define their legacy. 

Yes, everyone needs a coach! Even I - have a coach!

Women I work with will say they don’t need me as a coach, they want me as a coach.


Working with me, women achieve powerful results. I challenge my clients to take bold stances, stand firm on boundaries, and strive to be better today than yesterday. 

I hold space for my clients to be vulnerable without judgment and allow them a confidential space to reflect.  I offer insight to blindspots they are too close to observe. 

Women working with me know it’s time to get laser focused on crushing some goals and glass ceilings! 

From scrubs to suits and uniforms, my clients are joining the movement to empower one woman at a time, starting right with themselves. 

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